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Business Development Manager Hiring Services

We take the stress out of hiring.  Lean on our expertise and experience when hiring your first, or next Business Development Manager. Our team does all of the legwork FOR YOU. 

We help you develop an compensation package and job listing.  Our team then posts the employment listing, screens all applicants,  conducts initial Zoom interviews with qualified candidates, and recommends only qualified, high performing Salespeople. Your team then conducts a final interview to ensure there is a fit. 

Let our team do the hard part of hiring for you, and we will get the RIGHT person in the RIGHT seat! 

Hands On Business Development Training

We train your Business Development Manager or Staff on proven business development processes and strategies that have lead to the growth of Property Management companies across the U.S!   We don’t recreate the wheel, we train on what works, and how you can apply it in your company.  Beyond training your Business Development Manager, we also implement the programs and processes that work most efficiently.


Topics we cover in our training: 

  • The Ultimate BDM Onboarding Guide – We build a strong foundation
  • How to Craft and Explain a Marketing Message clients actually care about
  • How to Crush Every Phone Call
  • How to leave an Owner Meeting with a Signed Agreement
  • Next Level CRM Training (LeadSimple, HubSpot, Podio, Etc)
  • Full Sales Process Build Out and Set Up – We even write the emails
  • Building a Network that Increases your Net Worth
  • How to Develop a List of High Value Referral Sources
  • Passive Lead Generation through Email Drip Campaigns – Guided setup and training for campaigns
  • How to Set, Track, and Reach Your Goals (and know what to do if you’re not)
  • How to Build a Referral Machine that Generates at least 10 Doors / Month (with just this one strategy)
  • Power Hour Prospecting – How 1 Hour per day can keep your pipeline full of qualified leads
  • Increasing Conversion Rates by using Video in the Sales Process (BombBomb, Loom, etc.)
  • How to Record a Marketing Video in 20 Minutes start to finish
  • Grow Your Reach and Generate Organic leads by following the BizDev Content Checklist
  • How to Leverage Strategic Partnerships
  • Access to hours of recorded video training content
….. and MORE!