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Property Management Business Development

Learn the tools and techniques being used by the most successful BDM’s in the industry to add more doors.


An initial analysis will reveal areas of the sales and marketing process that are losing you business; then we will provide a step by step explanation of how to remedy these issues.


Learn the techniques and tools being used by some of the fastest growing Property Management companies in the U.S. This is a proven road-map to increased revenue.

Track and Improve

Dozens of reports on your company, competition, pricing, service, sales process, website, visibility, and much more. If it can be improved - we are going to tell you how.


The content of this training program has been used by its creator to add more than 1 door per day for the 3 years and counting. We know it works because it's what we do.

Choose Your Program

Are you looking to Close More Clients, Generate More Leads, Hire a Business Development Manager, Hire a Virtual Assistant, Analyze Your Business, or Effectively use Social Media?  Our training program options ensure you can choose what YOU want to learn.

Click on any term below for an explanation of what is covered in the lesson for that week.


$11,400 One Time Charge

or 3 payments of $4,000 per month.

Hire an Effective Business Development Manager, Hire a Virtual Assistant, Improve your Business, Generate More Leads, and Close More Deals.


  • BDM Hiring Services

Length: One Hour Consultation call, followed by a hiring process not to exceed 6 weeks.

Price: $2,500

  • Hire a Virtual Assistant

Length: Initial Consultation Call, followed by a hiring process not to exceed 4 weeks.

Price: $2,500

  • On-Site Training

Length: Duration of training will follow normal business hours on a daily basis.

Price: $1,000 Per Day + Expenses

  • Hourly Consultation

Length: 1 Hour Consulting calls scheduled at clients discretion.

Price: $500 / Hour

  • Competition Shop

Length: Over a two week period we will compile a report detailing how you stack up to your competition on Sales Process, Price, Value, Website, and dozens of other factors.

Price: $1,500


After completion of our training programs you will have learned what a successful property management company does to add more doors. You will learn the techniques and strategies currently being implemented across the U.S. by other fast growing property management companies. Beyond a one time training, we will also provide reports, tracking sheets, scripts, calendars, and a ton of other resources that will ensure you are able to continue to implement the strategies we will be teaching.

How fast your company grows as a result of this training will be up to those executing what they have learned. The tools and techniques shared have allow other organizations to add more than 1 door per day, however there are other factors that come into play: Tenacity of the salesperson, advertising spend, and product. Each of these variables will be a determinant of overall success. Hard working sales people, selling a great product, with a company willing to spend on advertising – will see success.

Yes, absolutely.  Whether your sales team is 1 or 100 – we will train your entire Business Development Team, allowing them all to be in on training sessions.