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Learn the Tools. Grow Your Property Management Business.


Weekly Training, KPI tracking, Reporting, Awards, and Collaboration to help your Business Development Manager generate your company more Property Management clients. 

Are you adequately tracking your Business Development Manager’s progress?  Are you providing ongoing training to keep your BDM motivated?  Are you helping your BDM continually grow and get better at earning the company new business?  Are you holding them accountable? 

Simply put, this program is designed to support a Business Development Managers (or company owner) and help them become better at what they do.  

During weekly Zoom meetings, members from across the country will compare KPI’s, track results, learn from each other, and be provided training on proven strategies to earn new clients. 


Outline of meetings: 

  1. 10 Minutes – Each member reviews their KPI’s  
  2. 15 Minutes – Discussion of Wins and Losses in a structured format. 
  3. 45 Minutes Training sessions focused on:  Lead generation, sales process, marketing, referrals, creating content, using social media, and dozens of other Business Development related topics.   
  4. 15 minutes – Meeting will be left open for Q&A. 

Who some call the godfather of management, Peter Drucker, once said, “What get’s measured, get’s managed”.  Whether a BDM, or a company owner working to generate new business, this program will provide accountability and help achieve your goals.  Beyond just measuring success (and comparing to others), we will also be providing training to help you improve. 



What’s it cost? $400 / Month.  You can also save 10% by subscribing for the entire year.   

How often is the training? Once a week, for 60 minutes 

What KPI’s will you be tracking?  Your BDM will be filling out three separate reports before each meeting, which will be delivered to the company owner/manager during our meetings.   

  • Activity Tracker – Shows how much effort the BDM is putting in – numbers don’t lie. 
  • Goal Tracker – Set expectations of results – leads, meetings, sign ups, reviews, and revenue.  Shows where the BDM is at compared to the goals that we’ve set.  If they are behind, this also helps identify where the issue might be. 
  • Commission Report – Tracks units, revenue, and commission.  Allows you to review the month, determine commission, and review results.  

Who’s going to run these meetings each week and provide the training?  Brian Hughes, with BizDev Mastermind.  Brian worked for Brad Larsen at RentWerx Property Management as a Business Development Manager and in his time, they signed up over 1100 doors in three years.  Since then, he has replaced himself in the business to start BizDev Mastermind with Brad.  Today, Brian and BizDev Mastermind help Property Management companies across the U.S. hire productive Business Development Managers, provide training, generate leads, improve marketing strategy, and help Property Management Companies grow.